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Age: it’s inevitable. If only we could do something about it.

Trying to change, alter or better one’s appearance through surgery has already been done for hundreds of years before Christ. Even the ancient Egyptians and Romans performed surgery to correct or fix imperfections. Although many of these were for injured soldiers, it did not take long until they were used for aesthetic reasons to slow or at least make less visible the process of aging.

History of Face Lift

Thus facelifts also have been performed for over a hundred years now. The first facelift on an aging patient to make her look younger is recorded to have been done in Berlin in 1901. Shortly after, the First World War broke out and plastic surgery experienced a veritable boom due to the large amount of never-before-seen injuries. Skin grafts were invented, and by the 1920s its application to aesthetics took off.

The correct term is actually not ‘facelift’. It’s more technically termed ‘rhytidectomy’, which is Ancient Greek for ‘surgical removal of wrinkles’, but because that sounds a bit unseemly, let’s stick with ‘facelift’. By the most basic definition, a facelift is the surgical procedure of tightening the skin to give a more youthful facial appearance.

How Face Lift Is Performed?

There are many procedures to do this — the more squeamish might want to swallow hard right now — but the general principle is for the surgeon to make an incision somewhere in the face and delve underneath the skin with his instruments. This is usually done behind the hairline or even in the mouth under the lips and other places where a minor scar is later not so visible. As you can imagine, this takes time, experience and patience. It is also recommended that patients be around the age of 50, as this is a time when the skin is still young enough to heal quicker and make the surgery less obvious.

Cost Of Face Lift

And, as you can imagine, it takes money. Facelift costs are at times prohibitive. Average prices seem to hover around US$10,000, give or take a few thousands. There are cheaper offers for smaller procedures that require less invasive types of facelifts, but overall it is an expensive and complicated operation. And the results are mixed.

Look around people of fame and fortune and you will realize that the vast majority of aging stars and starlets have undergone some form of facelift or plastic surgery — and we’re not talking just about Cher or Tom Cruise. With some it seems to work quite well, while others… well, let’s just say Michael Jackson was never the same again.

And how could we forget the many horror stories of surgeries gone wrong the tabloids have presented us with. It’s enough to make anyone think twice about undergoing such an ordeal.

Still, by the time we hit 50 (or even earlier) we look in the mirror, and suddenly age looks back.

So what about common folks like us? We age just as much as anyone else and have just as much right to try to look a bit younger, yet the cost of a facelift is often nowhere near our budget.

Dangers Of Face Lift

Some common dangers of a facelift include excessive bleeding that won’t stop, infection, pain, numbness, wounds that do not heal well, hematoma and nerve damage.

For a more complete list of dangers, please visit this link.

Alternatives To Face Lift

There are options, most notably the facelift without surgery. That means there are certain procedures by which you can lift your face and iron out some wrinkles without having to go under the knife. These include injections in strategic places, skin peels through chemicals and even lasers firing at your pores.

Unlike surgical procedures that are aimed at changing the very physical appearance of your skin through nips and tucks, facelifts without surgery try to alter the general appearance of the skin from the outside. They are also less damaging to your wallet.

CO2 laser treatments for example can range from $100 to $2000 per treatment, involve tightening a person’s sagging skin, while encouraging new skin cells to grow and heal.

Another interesting method is microcurrent lift, a facelift without surgery that uses gentle electric currents to stimulate the production of elastin, collagen and amino acids in the skin, while also enhancing blood circulation to basically encourage the skin to heal and tighten itself. Sometimes a little electric shock is all that we need to get going, isn’t it? The procedure is relaxing and entirely painless and requires no recovery time.

What about a thermage treatment? Similar to microcurrent lifts, it encourages collagen production and tightens existing collagen through a radiofrequency technology that heats deeper layers of the skin while at the same time cooling the surface. Similarly, it is a treatment with a fast recovery time.

You probably noticed that the goal of a non surgical face lift is to encourage the skin to heal itself. Collagen is the most important element in this equation and any method that helps this protein to grow and work is the backbone of any non-surgical procedure. This includes also facelift creams.

Natural Face Lift Alternatives

Otherwise, you can use basic facelift creams to moisturize the skin, tighten sagging areas, plump cells and erase the appearance of lines. The elements in these creams are generally very gentle and natural. Amino acids in the form of acetyl hexapeptides, enzymes and essential vitamins are ingredients that help the skin look smoother and more youthful, by simply encouraging the skin to heal itself.

Would you like to have a hands-free face lift experience that can be performed at anywhere and anytime of the day? Facial Toner is a great product that you can look into. This is a battery operated product which makes use of EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Technology to stimulate your facial muscles to tone them and make them stronger. With regular use, you will able to see a visible reduction in sagging and aging of your face within a few weeks. If you are interested to find out more about this product, I have written a very thorough review on it which you can read it here.

In a youth-obsessed world we are willing to do the darndest to age gracefully. Yet while the mind stays young, the skin gives in to gravity, lines form where none were before and crows seem to step on the corners of our eyes. Even when living on a budget, there is no reason why looking a bit younger should be a privilege solely of the rich.

If you are looking to find a solution, try some of the simpler things first. Often maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps, along with keeping the skin moisturized and well maintained. Only then try some of these procedures, do them on a regular basis and don’t give up if it feels that it’s not working right away.

Aging is no fun. We can’t stop it, but we can slow it down a bit. A natural face lift might just be the right option for you.